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And that's why the morons believe in the empire, and sing
We will gather by the statues,
The beautiful, beautiful statues,
We will gather by the statues'
PS , What's there names
Fascists doing nazi salutes,protecting fascists statues,of people who fought fascists (ah know!) ah cenotaph,dedicated to the workers who gave their lives in the fight against fascism,ma uncle Charlie R.I.P. died in Nijmegen,if he was here watching those nazi bastaarts 'protecting, symbols, jaws would have been ripped!......anyway, 🍺 🥳🥳


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50,000 confirmed, cases per day, in the States
They opened the beaches and it spiked
Now, the teenagers are coming down with it, and infecting their parents, grandparents
States, such as Florida, California, Texas, and Arizona, hospitals are running at capacity in their ICU's and pretty soon, will be overwhelmed
Meanwhile, Trump plays golf
Opening pubs and restaurants too soon in the UK ?
Well, that should sort out the thinning of the herd
Absolute madness, but it's how these Govt's roll. profits before people
Stay safe


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Texas, last month, the number of people coming down with the virus, was 1 in 10
Yesterday, it was reported to be 1 in 4
Then there was the party where teenagers were partying and decided to see who could contract it first, there was a cash prize...(I know, head shake)
Over the weekend, some 300 kids who attended, tested positive for Covid-19
Florida, California, Arizona, and Texas, now reversing their decision to open up the beaches, bars, restaurants etc, due to a spike in the virus
Fucking clueless
England, same goes, drunks not adhering to social distancing, is like asking the HUNS not to be ugly


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So everybody has likely seen these headlines☝doing the rounds the last couple of days and thought 'What the fuck are ScotGov playing at, this is scandalous they're putting the lives of Scots at risk' right!

Well it turns out the true story is that the UK Home Office refused ScotGov officials and Public Health Scotland the required security clearance to access the personal data of travellers coming into Scotland meaning there was NO way ScotGov or Public Health Scotland could carry out follow up quarantine checks or the required track and trace on any travellers who may have entered Scotland carrying the Coronavirus.

UKGov eventually relented and granted the required security clearance necessary but not before Scottish Tories like Jackson Carlaw ran to their cronies in the Scottish media who duly obliged to push the narrative that it was in fact the Scottish Government who were a 'disgrace' and that their quarantine follow-up checks and track and trace system for foreign travellers was 'shambolic' and in 'disarray.'

The ramifications of UKGov delaying this security clearance could mean a possible spike in Coronavirus cases in Scotland or worse still, further deaths.

This is a scandal up there with the UKGov, through Public Health England, instructing English based PPE suppliers to stop supplying PPE to Scotland and Wales in early March which resulted in many Scottish and Welsh care homes being cut-off and left with no supplies.

Better Together my fucking arse!

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