Go or pushed ? 2, the movie

Pm me you address ya pick and we can sort your name calling out
Oh? Another Brain Dead Primary School Boy. That’s twice I have given you a clue but your wee brain just doesn’t take it in. So how did your primary schooldays go? There’s your third clue. I know where you stay so I would keep your big threatening mouth shut. All mouth and no trousers! Same at Primary School.


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In a galaxy far,far away,a force from the dark side was gathering,they had a cunning plan,to gather their forces for an all out attack on the good folk of paradise,who merrily went about their business for life was good
However,the forces of darkness,deployed the Smisms,their propaganda machine,to so doubt amongst the good folk of paradice,led by 'the keevster and his underling nosferatu,backed up by 'monstermunch boyd.
an all out assault was launched,telling the good folk of paradise,that it was'nt paradise. The forces of darkness had a new lord, the Slippy one!
the good folk chortled,"that prick, he's no even got his coaching badges",but wait, the forces of darkness,are'nt called the forces of darkness for phuq all
Argghh! two pumpins! the good folk of paradise were aghast,"what the phuq wiz that" became a common expression.
Slippy gerrardiola in the eyes of the forces of darkness began to believe, the shite they'ed been spoonfed for years 'that they were comin',their support, commonly known as phuqin bawbags, girded their loins,and started defending statues? right? ah know any way,there were rumblings in paradise,and no.i'm not going to quote Milton,(or the Herd, for all you hippies oot there!)
Fast forward,the good folks at paradise, are, apparantly brickin it from the forces of darkness, why, because the meedja, their propaganda wing says so,so chill bhoys and ghirls,the well oiled machine that is Celtic, our warriors,defenders of paradise, are awakening from their slumber,to do battle against the darkside,and the lanarkshire referees association,and good always prevails against evil!
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Remember, drink has been taken!!!!
to be continued......................
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