"I'd like to recommend Celtic Noise to fellow Celtic Supporters because..."


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I'd recommend the Celtic noise because,,,,,,i was banned from every other Celtic site ,,,,and this one ,,,,and got back on ,,,,,,,and they asked me to give them a shout out

cause the numbers must have dropped and were short of


real celtic fans,,,,who go to the game

jiners,/door hingers/mcdonalds wannabe's

conspiracy theorists ,the more wackados the better

boax braggers /hopefuls/firestick wannabes,n pocket money pirates

prize draw experts ,,,,,knowledge is key

love island freaks

Ghirls,,,,,tall ones,,,,,,,were full up on short fearty ones in hooped undercrackers

transfer deadline day ,,why the fk did we no buy ,,, were lacking in these people so the more the merry,,,,,,,must be able to explain PLs shite role in all of this

feline tuggers need not apply ,,, i repeat cat lovers gtf
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Anyhoo on a more serious note if I may...

I would recommend C.N forum to all Celtic fans, because a year ago tomorrow (22nd) I underwent a quadruple bypass opp and the support and help I received from this forum helped me immensely through a difficult time.....

You all know who you are, so once again i thank the lot of you.

Celtic fans at our best.


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