Just booked hospitality for the Kilmarnock game at Celtic Park

Bridie Bhoy

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1984 glasgow council election,Flanagan didnae even need tae campaign,while ah wiz organising food collections and helpin in kitchen's tae feed miner's families, that bastaart wiz naewhere tae be seen! :mad:
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Good on you MD. You were doing the right thing to help out starving families while that prick did nothing for the fucktards that were stupid enough to vote for the ponce!

The Galway shawl

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Well done Mick. Was away to go onto a political rant but still 1 drink away so stopped myself - this isn't the right forum! πŸ™‚

Glad you stood up for the miners MD, just like you did for the Tolpuddle Martyrs when it was still a recent memory! πŸ˜‰
John macleans right hand man still only 20yrs at the time they archives are great so they are...used to be two big teams in Glasgow apparently....CELTIC is one still. going on to 2012 see what happened tae the other one. πŸ˜‰πŸ€”

michael duffy

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A wee story,Flanagan and his ilk, who ran GCC like Taminey hall, wi their brown feckin envelopes,Lafferty the builder got contracts all over the city,nod, wink! did their good fortune benefit the workin class,the Irish Catholic poor! did it phuq!
ah'm sure they were good family people,but the pull of the brown envelope is strong!
anyway, ah wiz workin security fur Lafferty in a tenement buildin somewhere in Govan,for the princely sum of Β£1 an hour,
So sittin there hopin the local ned's wurny breakin tae steal the copper pipin, there's a chap at the door, ah open it and there's Lafferty's supervisor, Jinky!!!!! WTF! whit dae ye say! "phuq red star belgrade!"dae ye want a a cup ae tea Jinky.. sorry ah've got merr sites tae visit, so ah said thanks fur aw the memories Jinky,or word's tae that effect,
so miners strike,workin 16 hour shifts,fur a quid an hour,tryin tae get elected, then meetin yer hero! plays havoc wi the mind!


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But we've gone off track a little.

I'm still wanting to know: How was it, Imatim? Was the hospitality suite/section/area a good deal? Did you have a good time?