Scotland v Belgium - Monday 9 Sept - Another Must Win Match for Scotland


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Reading some of the comments online, after our latest drubbing against Belgium, you can always tell the HUNS in the audience
Ryan Christie, gives 100% and he was our best player today, he fights for everything from the off and the ball he put through for Robertson, was sublime
I guess the deady bears, are pissed at not having any players on the field
If I'm honest, I'd prefer if none of our players were picked, as they are set up to fail and then get slated in the media and by the zombies, who fly the butcher's apron, but live in Scotland
Not to mention the chance of them sustaining injuries, which leave them out for a few weeks. if not months, domestically

THE SFA are a joke and when you think back on the teams of yesteryear, we're an embarrassment in todays competitions
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