stadium renovation

The main stand facade is apparently listed and cannot be demolished. That's not an insurmountable problem but it's an expensive one. Can the facade be shifted forward by 10 metres? Does the new stand have to occupy the space of the original? Such answers have to be sought. What resources and facilities will be appropriate for the next 100 years in a new stadium. Could the new stand contain a restaurant and bars? Could it contain a space that raises funds when the team is not playing. The stadium is used for only about two hours a fortnight. There are 168 hours each week. Could an enlarged stadium hold a casino? Think outside the box. We are so accustomed to what is already there but if a new stadium is to be built then think about the potential use of the space and be creative.
We have a hotel in Wellington that was due for demolition to build the National Museum. A developer bought the hotel for $1 and agreed to remove it. He built a railway track to move the entire hotel across and just up the road. That hotel is now valued at many millions of dollars. Think outside the box.

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