'Staunch' Scot Gardiner - 'Working on behalf of another SPFL member to frustrate the award of the league title to Celtic' David Low

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You are 100% correct regarding the fans imo.....but I can’t see how he would have acted without the knowledge of those within the hierarchy of ICT.....for if he has been successful and the £175k was lost it would definitely have come out.....this could then have led to legal ramifications on Gardiner.....as he has a fiduciary duty to do the right thing by ICT.....I’m therefore of the view.....that more than Gardiner was involved at ICT.....with the plot to do the Huns bidding.....I also think this plot involved more than just the Huns.....but that’s for another day...
Wit's a fud u canary tae dae wi Gardiner


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That is so funny, didn’t realise there’s a lot of similarities with rangers fans and trump supporters 🤣🤣
Both groups are completely out of touch with reality. Constantly denying reality to groups of people who are severely misinformed about everything and anything. Wilful ignorance reigns in the Whitehouse and at the Bumhole Garden. ( If Scott Gardiner gets his dream job at Sevco, will he become a Bumhole Gardiner?)

According to Saul

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What is C+ used for?
uses of C++ allows procedural programming for intensive functions of CPU and to provide control over hardware, and this language is very fast because of which it is widely used in developing different games or in gaming engines. C++ mainly used in developing the suites of a game too
In all my years, I thought c++ was used instead of the proper word such as " Hey you ya Big Orange C++t. Wrong again HH


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I was thinking the same. He prefers it when there is fitba to speak about, but surely he is due another one ofhis hilarious magical flights of fantasy stories that he so brilliant at writings.

Hope you are well SP and looking forward to you next posts.
If ICT and Gardiner were behind the drive to help the null and void case further, then a meeting to enhance and promote corporate goverance was brought about by a club, who with help of another(s), broke the rules of what corporate goverance sytems is in place for to achieve this.
This is a breach of the companies act and has to be dealt with as it brings into disrepute business protocols and was intially instigated by a member club chairman who had been previously instigated in a concert party leading to a cold shoulder verdict. Very serious, Gardiner should be terminated from holding a licence to work in scottish football, we should be demanding a fit and proper test into this.

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