The Green Machine Vs The Hoops

Thai Tim

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Nah he said he’s no a tranny. But he did say the ladyboys were beautiful. So on hindsight i asked the wrong question

TT do you make hay with the ladyboys or have you ever sampled their wares?

Jist asking. Market research ..
Now that's a much more interesting question Maria! There are only 2 things in my defense. One is too much whisky hahaha!


Now that's a much more interesting question Maria! There are only 2 things in my defense. One is too much whisky hahaha!

Who knew, really? Boobs and a penis that musta been like lying wae a hun. 🤮🤮

Baws oot for answering though 👏

Thai Tim

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Thailand’s transgender acceptance goes far beyond just just the people who have undergone surgery. Thailand legally acknowledges a “third gender,” and within the larger culture, there are 18 genders that are part of the common language.​
  1. (Straight) Male: A man who likes women.
  2. (Straight) Female: A woman who likes men.
  3. Tom: A woman who dresses like a man and likes women or Dees.
  4. Dee: A woman who likes manly women or Toms.
  5. Tom Gay: A woman who likes women, Toms, and Dees.
  6. Tom Gay King: A manly Tom who likes Toms.
  7. Bi(sexual): A woman who likes bisexuals, Toms, lesbians, and men.
  8. Boat: A man who likes women, Gay Kings, and Gay Queens (does not include Ladyboys).
  9. Gay Queen: A womanly man who likes men.
  10. Gay King: A manly man who likes men.
  11. Tom Gay Two-Way: A Tom who can be both a Tom Gay King or Tom Gay Queen.
  12. Tom Gay Queen: A womanly Tom who likes Toms.
  13. Lesbian: A woman who likes women.
  14. Kathoey/Ladyboy: A man who wants to be a woman.
  15. Adam: A man who likes Toms.
  16. Angee: A Kathoey who likes Toms.
  17. Cherry: A woman who likes gay men and Kathoey.
  18. Samyaan: A woman who likes Toms, lesbians, and women, and can also be any of them.
What a poor lost soul! Apart from not being able to string a coherent sentence together and your penchant to be cucked, you can't even tell the difference between a transgender and a real woman ;)
I'll take my incoherence over your brand of gobbledigook every single day, Tied-in-knots Tim!

As it stands, I'd also rather be cucked, than cock-knocked like yourself.


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To each his own.

Who are we to say what is right and what is not.

The genetic make up of a individual is endemic to that particular individual.

Live and let live is my credo. Vive la difference

Unless we are talking about Huns. Then it's a completely different scenario.