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Aye Dill, the old ones are still the best, Happy New year to you and the Missus and the rest of the Family. I had a different Hogmanay than previous ones. I was sitting with my wife and we were eating a Chinese takeaway, I was enjoying it and had nearly finished when I couldn’t lift the fork to my mouth. Within twenty minutes I was in the A&E at Monklankds Hosp as I had taken a Mini Stroke. I got out a few hours later and was told not to drive the car until I attend the Stroke Clinic. I feel ok and I would like to say to all on the Noise, don’t put off doing things as you never know what can happen, be nice to each other and Always take the Piss out of the Huns. Hail Hail.
Geezo, that's a bummer, look after yourself mate
I've had a few TIA's over the years, then recovered except for a wee problem with my speech, but all good
They're warnings of what's possibly to come, so you have to take it easy
One of the things you don't think about is making sure you're hydrating, water is important as many people don't drink enough fo the stuff
I use the analogy that your body is a machine, your heart is the engine, and water, is the'oil' that helps make it run smoother
Glad to hear you're on the mend
Tomorrow (January 11th) is the 5 year Anniversary of my open heart surgery
I move a bit slower these days, but I'm out walking, hail, rain or snow, every day
I used to overdo the exercise too, but am more careful now
WHen I feel tired, I go lie down
Listen to your body, it has a way of l;etting you know things ;-)
Best to you and yours

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