Well Being

Second week of exercise started I'm feeling a lot better within myself having done the warm up exercises every morning and gone for a walk everyday and each day going a wee bit further ,who would have thought that such a slight life style change would make such a difference.
Well onto the warm up and then this weeks exercises then my now daily walk .
Almost forgot word of warning don't do the exercises in the living room in your pants with the curtains open 🤣
Keep up the good work mate 💪
Sorry to hear about your Dad totally agree with all that’s been said it is a time thing
And having a great family to bounce things off. This June it’s 3 years since ma Da passed miss him every day he was my sounding board he gave me my moral compass him and my mum.
And you know us loonies oan here are always here for you.
Take care Consonant Bhoy 🙏

HH ⚠️
Thanks JamSam. Much appreciated Samwich Bhoy 💚
So true. It’s a great online community. It’s the only group I’m still part of. Not that all others are bad but this one has something special 💚
You're spot on TTQ, due to ongoing health issue's with three members of my family, ( two brothers and a sister ), my time isn't my own these days; however , I try to always have a speed read on The Noise, just to catch up with the thoughts of you good folk. A terrific bunch of loonies !
42 years ago on this day, we lost my Dad at the age of 51, to a heart attack, after several strokes and he wouldn't heed the warnings about smoking and cutting back on the bevvy
February 7th, never a good day for me and my family
Hold your family in your heart, as you never know what's round the corner
This was a Saturday morning and I was about to head out to see a game
The wee man was my hero
Me and the wee man before Celtic game 1.jpeg