What's your favourite comment so far from sevco minded followers.

Did you hear the one from a sevco podcat

This is a belter
A hotel across from Ibrox, full of those monobrowed knuckledraggers ? THAT, would bring the tourists in eh ? What an absolute mental midget that guy is...It's all 'annaw rat' 'annat' he's a shoe in for the Bristol Bar Quarter, with Simple Simon, and the Helium Hun Squad, the auld droonin' jakey could maybe be the concierge Comedy gold Bhoy n Ghirls
A helipad on top of the hotel with a sevco badge on it!!!! Can you imagine the pilot getting out and some wee orange-clad ned sideling up to him and saying "Ho mistur - 瞿5 to look after yer chopper for ye."
I get a lot o' that in the boozers when I partake in a comfort stop, BB, except it's "ho mistur - 瞿5 to look at yer chopper"

I politely decline and remind them that the wee fella dis'nae get oot it's slumber for anything less than 20 quid a peek

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