What's your favourite comment so far from sevco minded followers.

Now, that is fucking embarrassing, mibbe they then went to the Bristol Bar for a libation, and to meet the mutants who inhabit the gaff, such as Simple Si, The Helium Hun, and the auld droonin' jakey who wants Terry Hurlock back...shambles of a klub
🤣aye the auld rangers radio online crowd
Very thoughtful of them to make a ongoing banter years podcast .
Comedy gold
I wonder where the pretend manager will take his squad next? To visit the grounds of other teams that no longer exist ? Third Lanark and Vale of Leven are next on the list.
When Sevco go bust they will be able to join this elite club. Kenny Miller will take the post Sevco team, Sevgers, to see the Petrofac Cup, The Covid No Penalty or Red Card League championship and the Scottish Cup, which was gifted to them by Bobby Madden.
Meanwhile, at Celtic Park, the builders will be adding an extension to the very large well stocked trophy room at Celtic Park.

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