Will Ireland become one united country in your lifetime?


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You see a lot of examples of that in the Jeremy Kyle generation.

There are a significant minority of brits that are generally quite lazy and used to getting what they want with little or no effort. The welfare state was initially formed to subsidise, not fully support low-income families. The brits don't want to work in low-income jobs and, as you pointed out, there is a ready made workforce which employers are more than willing to use and abuse.

I believe that we have a responsibility to support the genuinely needy, I don't believe that we do that effectively.

It's the same in the States, General Motors are closing plants in various regions because of the $15 dollars per hour, they railroaded migrant workers into doing it for far less and are using their financially doped, tax-break muscle to hold the government to ransom.

Nothing new there, it's happened here for almost 3 centuries.
when a packet of 20 fags costs more than 1 hr of a mans labour and for an 8 hour shift a man could not afford to purchase 160 cigarettes we have a problem.


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Last Light house keeper passed away
In this short documentary, the personal journey of Jackie O’Grady RIP takes the viewer through the changes in the way of life on Clare Island on the rugged west coast of Ireland. Technological advances would ultimately lead to the extinguishing of a generations-old career - the lighthouse keeper.