Would you financially support a crowd funded class action...

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Personally I don't give a shit about other clubs chairman and shareholder who didn't want to "rake over old coals" but surely there is more than just Celtic fans who want justice.”

Are we including our board in that? Have I missed the statement from our club saying we want this corruption investigated? As the Club who suffered most, if we don’t storm the barricade can we expect others to?

I may have missed our intention to take them on. If I have, could you post our position and where Celtic are in this legal challenge?
I am convinced there are more than us out there who are as thunderstruck, and enraged with the blatant defence of all things Rangers and now Sevco, by the footballing governance in this country.

..... and we, the fans can draw attention to it on our own, even if we don't have the political clout or judicial nous to start lawful proceedings.

We don't know how far this will go, unless we make a start somewhere.

If our board won't, then they have no say in anything we do, whether they disagree or not!
Woe betide them if they say one word criticising us....for doing the work THEY should be doing..............on our behalf.

........empty stadia..
.........football without the fans...........??? etc.

There may be a suppliant benefactor, or several, willing to contribute to our fight for what is right and justice for all.
Who knows WHO may want to finance this once the ball gets rolling.....Rod might even spend a few quid..... for a change.
But until it starts, and likelier than ever, it may have to be us.

The silence and lack of replies regarding this current topical concern on here is deafening....but like me its maybe that they're not finished work, or are still at their work, not home yet, no internet..... no money on their phone....whatever.
I'm willing to travel for protests, marches or other events at any time or place to get this started, and have said this all before in comments on James and Joe's blogs over a year ago.

I wish Paradise was in Dundee.....I would have organised something, at least a hundred of us by now, taking it forward,to get noticed...... putting the shits up the SFA........well at least try.
Quite apart from Dundee being a nice place to live,.. anyway!

The Green Brigade should be doing more, by calling out the cheats and liars in the SFA.......AND AT EVERY GAME.......naming, shaming and blaming. Its baffling why they do so little in this saga.....with the loudest voice in Britain.....!!!!
It beggars belief.

60,000 of us yet, all I read, see and hear is ............................................. nothing!
Almost apathy.

Unless....we are afraid of repercussions by the draggers, or thugs from other groups....in the police, or the 'Govan'ment'... and her cronies........As I said I am willing to contribute, substantially, but a guy from Dundee can't take on Glasgow's thug mindset on his own.......but... I'M FUCKING WILLING TO GIVE IT A HELL OF A TRY.


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Hopefully be tramping the dirt down on 'em again very very soon!

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Would you be prepared to get involved in financially backing a crowd funded class action of Celtic shareholders against those who have been responsible for defrauding our Club out of tens of millions of £'s?

The evidence is there and it's irrefutable
I'd be willing to make a contribution to the fighting fund. It's time the corruption was moved to centre stage with the spotlights blazing down.
I know that the Bloody Sunday and Hillsborough people fought hard for years to get justice. If we truly believe that our club has been damaged by the actions of S.F.A. , Rangers or any other individuals then we have to do something constructive about it.
The days for talk are over and we need the resolve to take action. It would be good to get the Res12 guys involved as they hold the smoking gun and have a lot of the relevant information.
I don't think there would be any problem raising the money as a majority of our support would get behind a proper legal case. I think the club should also contribute to this fund as they are either with us or against us on this issue.
I suggest that most fans would want to support a proper legal case.


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A proper legal case, yes I agree. But as I said before, what are we trying to achieve? Financial damages? Can see problems there. Hun honours struck from the records? Or what? Real need to be absolutely clear on our aims and to be sure the evidence clearly supports those aims

Once we prove fraud was committed imo the rest will take care of itself


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A proper legal case, yes I agree. But as I said before, what are we trying to achieve? Financial da4mages? Can see problems there. Hun honours struck from the records? Or what? Real need to be absolutely clear on our aims and to be sure the evidence clearly supports those aims

What we are trying to achieve is prove that the SFA as the governing body for football in scotland have through corruption and malfeasance misled the public and investors in football business. The SFA are responsible for ensuring that the many millions invested at all levels of business in football is conducted within the anti corruption laws of the land and are responsible for ensuring their product ie the games/tournaments are delivered to to the paying public as per advertised when sold as a equal competition with all participants governed by the same rules and regulations .


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Thanks for that. I don’t mean to be provocative or negative about this but what is the next step if all this were proven?
Well if this was proven in a court of law exposing the SFA operating corruptly and misleading investors in various businesses that participate in the business of football and misleading th e public who pay for a product which is flawed, apart from destroying thee SFA,it would open the door for criminal prosecutions agains th the organisations leaders and possibly other individuals .It may also open the door for a group of investors to take action against the SFA for financial loss or maybe even a group of paying public customers to go after them for being defrauded out of money spent to watch a falsely described product . Th elatter case may be more difficult but a possibility .
I agree with the consensus on here. The way to go would be to get a crowd fund firstly for a lawyer to have a look at the evidence and how and who we could raise an action against, get a ballpark figure on cost to pursue then crowdfund the whole shebang. i am 100% certain celtic fans would fill the fund but of course anybody can contribute to said fund. Its about time we stopped sitting on our hands.
I’ve been looking at Scots law on corruption and all the work that has been done in Scotland, the UK and internationally to get a universal definition of corruption which can be used in the laws of each country. My reading of all this is that it would be difficult to prove the SFA was guilty of corruption in any legal sense. I hope someone with proper legal background can prove me wrong but that is my amateur view