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    The McKillops

    Just to commend Liam Kelly on his marvellous article on the McKillops, the founding fathers on the The Celtic Star this morning. Well worth a read! Keep it up, Liam! David Potter
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    'Morally dreadful,' Celtic legend John Hartson is also 'Astounded'

    I must say that I listened to the BBC Sportsound programme on January 20 and could not believe that so many people were prepared to back up the throat cutting gesture. "It's full time!" they claim it means. Come on! Who do you think you are kidding! Both in Scotland and Colombia, everyone knows...
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    To all the panic-merchants . . .

    Did anyone get as outraged as I did about Steven Thompson on BBC last night? We all now that true colours are raised whenever Rangers win (have a read of today's newspapers if you don't believe me!) but last night was truly sickeningly sycophantic. Michael Stewart is a jambo and no lover of...
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    12 Days of Christmas, Celtic style

    Wishing everyone a Happy Christmas, and a good Boxing Day tomorrow at new St Mirren Park! Sunday is important, of course, but so it this one because any team facing relegation will always battle. My advice for our forwards and midfielders would be to shoot oftener, and don't try to walk the ball...
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    League Cup Final - Celtic v the Rangers, Beautiful Sunday 8 December - all comments here

    I'm listening to a real load or rubbish on BBC Radio Scotland at the moment from Tom English and even Michael Stewart who normally talks sense. Why are we hearing nothing about a heroic 10 men performance against 11? Ten Men won the League Cup! They couldna' beat 10 men!
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    who wishes K.T well and who has the bile?

    I find that my emotions change about Kieran Tierney. The news last Wednesday night was a major disappointment, and I'll never find it easy to forgive who released the news at that time with five minutes to go in a crucial European tie. I can't honestly say that I wish him well at Arsenal - but I...
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    Transfer Round-up (merged)

    I certainly feel that Boli needs a run in the team. I can't believe that he is as bad a player as he seemed to be the other night, although his time is running out and the guy needs to understand that. But there is a general point about Europe and that is that we must shake off this inferiority...
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    Celtic v Nomme Kalju - all comments here

    Yes, those who love to criticise the team clearly never saw 1990, 1978 or 1963. Then there would have been something to complain about! As it is, we haven't lost a tournament since 2016, and we have now gone through the whole reign of a Prime Minister without losing a tournament. Kinda sorry to...
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    Celtic v Nomme Kalju - all comments here

    I think we have to give Boli a chance. He has only set foot in the door! On another point, I am now beginning to nourish a few hopes that the KT scare had passed, and that wiser counsel has prevailed. Celtic don't NEED to sell him, and I would like to think that KT himself has told his agent to...
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    Transfer Round-up (merged)

    Olivier Ntcham? Let him go if he is not happy. He has had his moments, and I don't think he will ever have a better moment than the goal in the 2018 Scottish Cup final. Treasure all your Scottish medals, Olivier! They may be all you are going to get!
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    KT situation

    I am very happy about recent signings - well, I'll qualify that by saying I'll wait until I've seen them play a few times - but I still hope that KT is still able to hold up two fingers to his agent and to say that he wants to stay. Yes, he will become grotesquely wealthy elsewhere, but he will...
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    Famous Historical Quotes

    My favourite quote is "It's not a man's creed or his nationality that counts; it's the man himself" - attributed originally to Brother Walfrid, but used frequently by Willie Maley
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    Coin throwing

    Well said, Stevie Bhoy! This coin throwing just has to stop. DP
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    Coin throwing

    The only line that really upsets me (and you don't hear it all that often these days) is the line about "soon there will be no Protestants at all". That is sectarian and intolerant. It is also downright nonsensical, for although I have no doubt that Celtic could manage without me, where would...
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    CELTIC vs. Red Bull Salzburg - All comments here

    I think this is our big opportunity to banish for ever the inferiority complex that we have had about Europe for many years. Let's attack this game, and go for goals like we did against Kilmarnock on Saturday. A draw would be enough for us, but it would be a gross mistake to plan for a draw. If...