Another honest mistake

Yip. That was the 74th consecutive league game without sevco conceding a penalty. Despite there being evidence of a dozen or more stonewallers that were somehow ignored by the refs & VAR.

There are well over 8000 senior football clubs playing in hundreds of leagues around the world - most for over a hundred years. And yet the sevco apologists harp on about how their run of games is not that unusual because 1 club once went a 74 game streak without getting a penalty against them! Ignoring the fact that that club is now being investigated due to so much evidence of them committing bribery of referees in the €millions during that period.

And thus streak is immediately on the back of a 44 game run of league matches without getting a spot kick against them. So it is 1 fecking penalty against them in over (the equivalent of) 3 full seasons with only 1 penalty against them.

And their angry board, manager & fans complained so vehemently for that 1 penalty (which was a definite foul) that the authorities have shat themselves.
I think we can be pretty sure bribery isn’t involved due to the fact they’re skint it’s just fans in black
Goldson is a dirty, cheating Hun animal.

He epitomises everything that rancid club is all about. I truly hope someone gives him a taste of his own medicine soon...
Looks like he’s doing a Morelos and trying to work his exit oot the door?awe this blessing himself in full view crap doesn’t wash??that’s to get the orcs hackles up..done it more times yesterday than my parish priest👀big horsed face prick.
Beaton ignored this. Then Dallas Jr on VAR ignored this. It appeared to be a handball in real time but was not even checked as they kicked off after a very short period of time. Compare this to the in depth VAR analysis of Celtic's goals desperately trying to find any reason to chalk them off when there was no hint of offside or anything untoward.

And after this, tonight's narrative is that the Louden Tavern's frequenter and the son of the ref's ex-top person who got sacked for sectarian filth & grandson of Orange Order stalwart are both fenians who cheated the peepul!

The surest sign of a systematically organised campaign to protect 'Sevco' against penalties, is the fortuitious timing of this first one given in 75 matches. To allow a world record to be set today in this regard, would have been immensely embarrassing, and potentially risky for many involved in Scottish football and with Scottish football.They could never afford to allow it to happen.
But it can now start all over again. While at the same time, the other amazing run of penalties, those awarded to 'Sevco' can still continue unhindered. Every other SPFL club, Celtic included, should be ashamed of themselves. If the ordinary supporter can clearly see corruption at work, then surely, those involved in the running of Celtic and other clubs, also can. Or perhaps they too are visually challenged, as Peter Lawell was on the 5WA scandal. The curse of running an SPFL club.
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Can I just say, killies penalty was never a penalty!! The hun slides in. His hand is tucked into his side across is stomach. Souttar ripping the guys jersey off at 0-0 was more a penalty, wonder why that was given. The MiBs were always going to give Killie a penalty today to stop the scum breaking a new record.....but only if Sevco were ahead in the game.
Everybody seen it except the Ref And VAR a question that never get answered ? the so called pundits will give reasons for not giving it which changes as suits ex referees give thier opinion with a lot of ifs and maybes whilst remembering they are getting paid to be there, if VAR is that good why is it not picking up the same information as other cameras? The Red card took nearly 4 minutes? To refer back to the Ref more time than spent on the two handball incidents?? A lot of Questions but we will never get a positive answer lies lies and more Dam lies ,,,,, no change there then
I only saw the scenes after the final whistle at the Bumenholen Garten on Sky Sports News last night. The match officials were delighted with the result and smiling from ear to ear and laughing and joking (only high fives were missing) with the imposters new manager. They were having a rare old time. I haven’t seen refs this happy since Derek McInnes and Alan Muir were necking efter the Killie v Celtic LC game.

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