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Her coat is getting thicker so I think we’re in for another colder and snowy winter this year. our Beau loved the snow and would play for hours in it, we'd throw his ball which would disappear in the deep stuff, then he'd dive headfirst into the snow to retrieve it, other times, he'd just lie down and push himself through the snow like a snowplow, Georgia is in her element when the snow falls, as you can imagine, but both of them love their comfort...and she will snooze anywhere that takes her fancy, Beau preferred snoozing on the couch and not her dog beds ;-)Georgia snow husky .jpgBeau Saturday morning snooze and smile.jpgimage2 (81).jpeg Snow Beau .jpg
He was a cracker mate and lived a long life. That's partly due to the love and care you gave him.
100% Stevie, he was fearless, took on our neighbours cat who jumped the fence to attack our sweet boy Smudge, who had been declawed before he came to us...and they all know how they are loved, dogs, cats, birds, whatever you have as a family member, they enrich our lives no question, and we are blessed to have them HHThe beautiful Smudge 1 .jpg

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