Champions League Draw - Celtic v FK Sarajevo


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Sky reporting that we got Sarajavo in CL qualifier. Could have been better, could have been worse. What say ye?
Would hope we can beat the Bosnian Champions, but being part of old Yugoslavia, they might well be better than some of our premier league teams?

Lots of Yugoslavian (if you take in that old Slavic region)n have been very good football players traditionally.

Not sure if they are part of eu, so its a difficult market to get players from with border issues, so they might well have a very decent side.

Still confident we can burst them.


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Think its famous for starting world war 1

Franz Ferdinand was playing a gig there and got assainated by the hostile Serb Nationalist

Apparently it was a good gig till it all kicked off and The Tsar and the Kaiser fell out and then France and Britain got involved because the Kaiser asked Belgium to step aside and let Germany smack France with a giant pincer and hammer blow.

Gavrillo Princip the lone gunman from a bookshop depository started it all off.

Sounds like a made up story to me.