Eastend Bhoy

Looks like Congertons leaving the club ,maybe Brendan will get him a job at the diddy club he ditched us for.Hopefully we get John Park back now ,the guy that found guys like Wanyama,Van Dijk and Forster who were great players for us and made us a fortune in tranfer fees.


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As long as he gets tae fuck. Bo yaka shah 🤣🤣
Bo yaka Shah was the Eddie Murphy of Iranian cop movies I think and i heard he had a wee brother called Baboo Shah.

Anyway in the classic remake of Beverley Hills cop 13 for Iranian TV, Baboo and Bo yaka Shah played the good cop bad cop roles.

And the classic number 1 world wide smash hit from the same movie has sales of around the same profit margin that Congerton has added to every club he scouted at.

Anyway enjoy the classic song from the movie. The intro noise from the singer is quite interesting. A random Aaah! just to start the tune off.

Might actually be a great tune for the half time paradise windfall.




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I'm shit hot at scouting talent on FIFA 19..would love a wee move back to Glesga. Someone let Celtic know I'm available. Thanks 😊😊😊
Lubo, I used to be shit hot at scouting talent in the disco. Now I can't pull the feathers fae a chicken!

International thing nowadays, Lubo.......get a wee secondment to Bermuda to look for emerging talent.