Dundee Utd v Celtic - SPFL Saturday 22 August, kick-off 5.30pm - all comments here

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Niall J has written a piece on Dundee United...3 points are essential. More to follow on Celtic's pre-match news.

Dundee Utd v Celtic – Tannadice Preview as Celtic look to get Ten-in-a-Row back on track...

All comments here...


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Same team to start as the frozen food chain
Grass pitch A Novelty Hope it doesn’t hurt us
As plastics ar da future
Anyhoo solid fast start pinging the ball with zip
They’ll be tight 19 men behind the ball
Went 6/7 against Farmfoods 11 so going for
4-1 the obligatory penalty from the Mib for Utd
Mon the Hoops

HH 🍀


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Anyone remember early nineties. United got relegated and we were singing "we'll meet again" in the last game of the season at parkhead. The following year we met them in the cup at parkhead and they were winning 1-0 until about the 87th minute. They were chanting back "we'll meet again" - which is fair enough cause if you dish it out you have to take it - but then Andy thom scored twice I think in the last two minutes. One of my best nights ever at parkhead 🙂