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And why would that be, are you suggesting we cannot take the meaning of win lose or draw literally and that we spit the dummy out the pram, titles are won over many a long season, tommorow is simply a game of football, a competition, a sport and a chance to have bragging rights over a weekend, but at the end of May is what really counts and I would say Lenny has delivered on all fronts, just as the guys he left in charge and then took over from again have done.
Not many managers leave a winning team and come back and carry it on.
We are all Neil Lennon and like Neil Lennon we are all entitled to opinions, but atthe end of the day it's a result driven business and so far he has delivered on that front.

Boab i love Neil Lennon as much as any Celtic fan but his time is up..even if he wins tomorrow in my opinion he won't win us the league.


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Hun radio tonight if we take the 12 points from the tarriers we win the title, this is the talk of tadgers who think they will be going on an invincible season. think about it, you do not win the title beating us, Jock Stein school of thought you can concede three points to any team, no point beating your rival and not beating the donkeys.


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Ffs Whatever that means I's nae wunner I get depressed oan here..the place is full of lunatics..remember i told you that you'll all be wanting Neil Lennon sacked tomorrow...wait and see!!
Not my fault you went to a prod school and have diminished comprehension capabilities. That's just the way they wanted yiz programmed hi. Don't worry common sense will prevail and that defective, counter-productive, anti-human programming will be eliminated from our genome. Have yourself a fucking nice day hi.

Must have cowped before hitting the send button on that this morning. Figured I'd send it anyway.

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