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galloway getting chucked out commons for mentioning a secret organisation that was in operation in he parliament offices

the bit were he mentions his allegations is removed from internet

the bit were he looks like a loony is allowed to be kept

the sequence leading to this clip is removed as was galloway for mentioning them

cant reveal official secrets

breach of trust laws



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I will hold my hands up and admit that I don't fully understand these figures you quoted sg as there so called assets El crappo etc are worth fuck all would get better value out of there confetti shares and confetti has more uses than any of there stupid fucks.
So simply there debts can only rise with fuck all to pay them back, and only surviving on inflated wishful thinking on the price of shit going through the roof, or that they may win the league thus CL football, them pigs in the sky must have some set of wings, which will come in handy when they dump there crap upon ipox
They need £22/23 million in loans to get through the next 2 seasons, based on their forecast for these seasons, providing Ashley doesn't get more than £3 million which we should know soon.
We don't know what is in those forecasts, but i'd be surprised if their auditors allowed anything too suspect in them. The auditors had historical issues and fines but they were bought by Baldwins who are owned by Cogital group and they're pretty serious operators.

They'll sell Morelos for £40 million, Kamara for £20 million and Kent for £30 million :ROFLMAO:
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