Special Moments in your life


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What have we learned through this current Covid19 crisis ?
Many of us already knew what our priorities were
Community spirit, is coming back into vogue, as we realize, we are all in this together
Family has always come first for many of us and it is with that in mind, I am posting a 'Special Moment' that I treasure
This, is my 3 1/2 year old Granddaughter, and her Papa, at the park last year, feeding the ducks
When they rushed over towards us, she went behind me, grabbing my leg, so I picked her up, she looked at me, then said "I love you Papa"
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Anyone else, care to share a special moment
You can never beat the love of family.


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Anyway...Congrats Big Ian, a wee blessing in this time of worry around the world
We held Liliana's first birthday at our house almost 3 years ago
She was so excited & overwhelmed with all that was going on, that eventually, all she wanted, was a cuddle from Papa
These are the things, which I treasure most in life
Family comes first, and again, congratulations on your wee Granddaughter
Who's next ?A Papa hug on her 1st biirthday .jpg

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