Thank you Lawwell. How much will your bonus be this year. If it’s 1p you’re taking the piss

Why would Lawell go? He has 50000 mugs turning up and paying his bonus every week, he is the guy that will cost us the nine and will he care, of course he won’t, he’ll still get his bonus and now his poodle Lennon is in place don’t expect any money spent on the team.
I have a question for Mr lawell is he trying to ensure sevco doesn't go out of business as he believes we need them.and does he think that having money in the bank is necessary for when they go bust again
Some great posts tonite from real fans and not people who just use it for a small clique of people who use it for there own pleasure i will go back in my box for a while again but seems to be a load o diverse names on the site other than the usual mafia
Hi there Mr J as a new member I joined as I needed somewhere to express my disappointment with the running of the club I have supported for over53 years.
I would like our club to once again be recognized as a team that can take part in the top European competition.


I have a question for Mr lawell is he trying to ensure sevco doesn't go out of business as he believes we need them.and does he think that having money in the bank is necessary for when they go bust again

You know something pal i keep thinking the same given his love of pure hard cold cash


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Curious how WGS told the media a few years back how as a supposed 'matter of fact' how he listened to PL asking him for advice about going to Arsenal and as a supposed 'matter of fact' how PL turned them down, clearly telling us how lucky we are.

Well as a matter of fact, unless WGS was actually there at the supposed offer and witnessed any actual contract offer, WGS was as a matter of fact just repeating a PL story.

Mind you with the money PL earns at Celtic, unlike our players here, he would not be so easy to tempt away, PL earnings spread over the last few seasons already compete with top six EPL money

Never the less! its a little Curious if not a matter of fact, how no such PLC or PL statement came out urging KT to stay with Celtic and not join Arsenal, just a unspecific claim of supposedly doing all they could.

Anyone who believes KT made the move to Arsenal of his own design, does not understand how questions can be phrased to encourage the answer and aims you want.


Arsenal on the phone
Sorry Not for sale and is under contract so go away.


Kieran we've just had an offer from Arsenal, and to be fair to you if you want to speak to them, as you'll know we really can't compete with wages there, geez you can go earn 6 times what you are earning now, so thought it only fair we inform you and allow you to have a wee chat as we appreciate you so much.
Up to you of course, just thought you deserve to be told, as these once in a lifetime offers rarely come around, up to you lad.

Nothing to do with the 25 million for bottom line of course.
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Thanx for the welcome. I look forward to having many arguments about how we see the future of our great club and I hope that we don't have a time when we are not the best club in Scotland , the UK and the world H H .
Hahahahahaha you've come to the right place for an argument, Manc..........I offer a great deal on tin-hats and stab-proof tactical vests (RA approved).


Respond by giving away another 3 and getting knocked out,that makes no sense at all.

Yeah dont be stupid ya idiot you were talking about the well game to which i responded then you changed the equation to the cluj game.

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A few days after the Champions League fiasco,and i am still angry about the display and result. Managers have come and gone over the last ten years,but the one common de-nominator associated with our European failures is Peter Lawwell.
Anyone in a position of a company C.E.O. is usually looking for new challanges after 5 years, but Celtic is just a gravy train for Lawwell and he is going to stay there and lift his bonus every year until he is chased out of Celtic Park.
Dermot Desmond had to be embarrassed in the Directors box at Ibrox to shake him into going for a quality manager Brendan Rodgers.
Unfortunatetly the bold Brendan jumped ship overnight, did he also have his fill of Mr. Lawwell.
Its time now for Mr. Desmond to have a fresh look at where the club is heading. He could start with bringing in a new quality manager and a fresh backroom staff, a new scouting system, a new Director of football, and a new C.E.O. and if he isnt going to get rid of Lawell, then keep him away from the football side of the club. Lets not forget that Lawwell is an account he should not be dictating football policy.
I know Desmond didnt attend the game on Tuesday but his son was in attendance ,he could not be happy with what he saw,lets hope he gave his dad a wake-up call.


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Need more than a wake up call to get DD to act. Maybe best thing would be a takeover. Clear all the decks of the good ship Celtic before it hits the iceberg. Obvious to me Lawwells steering of the ship is heading for the rocks. Must change course soon or disaster will strike and no 9 in a row. HH ☘


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Cannot blame Lawell for putting that team out.Mcgregor at left back and 10 million pound worth of defenders sitting on the bench.Lawell didn’t make our captain stick his hand out.Lennnon shouldn’t have got the job full stop.Why play Johnston instead of Morgan? He had a good game Saturday.Why change the team from Saturday.Lennon cost us tonight and brown.That should never have happened.
The blame lies at Lawwells door HE gave the manager the job!


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The blame lies at Lawwells door HE gave the manager the job!
It wasn’t Lawell who put McGregor at left back or picked the team on Tuesday.Also are you 100% certain Desmond didn’t have anything to do with appointing Lennon? Didn’t think so.I’m not a Lawell fan but the blame for Tuesday nights disaster was Lennon and his captain.