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Dont know if they're reptiles but definitely reprobates
one of the modern theories of the brain suggests there are three parts of the human brain

the Neo cortex which I think is unique to humans (the ability to self reflect and rationalise beyond animal kingdom

underneath the Neo cortex is the limbic system which I think most mammals have, feelings, emotional centre stuff like that

and the oldest part of human brain is the reptile system, fight or flight, attack or run

it has been postulated that psychopaths bypass the feelings emotional limbic system and base their decision purely on the reptilian core signals

basically that would make psychopaths similar to serpents snakes or a reptile but looks like a human, since their feelings are broken and the self reflection part of mind cant function properly since it stuck in survive mode. run or kill.

bring out David ice to turn that theory into a load of bollocks

promote shape shifting instead

if the aristocrats learn life at their Eton style child abuse factories then it will kill their humanity and create psychopaths

and psychopaths make decisions with no regard to anyone but self interest

food for thought imo


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The earth is flat.
Climate change is made up by communist scientists to destroy oil companies.
Brexit is good for UK workers.
Covid is made up to get Trump
The sevvies are not a new team
The truth is only to be told by duh-hiyas on You Tube who have never read a book.
The truth is out there.....


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Check oot Craig Murrays blog Boab, he has been reporting ( the only one!!) from the court daily. Shocking what is going on and the silence of the media is just as shocking. Free Press? Aye right then!!
possibly the biggest news story in a free world where accountability and transparency are meant to matter.

Except its no in the news

Mrs Murdoch has a cat with coronavirus and its not very well, lets take a 15 minute slot on the main news to chat with Doctor Mengele about the ramifications to mice who may well have come into contact with Moggy.

Meanwhile in other news Julian Assange is evil. Just dont pay any attention to his factual based evidence. He got it from a source who might be trying to steal your democracy.

Mr trump has your best interests at heart


Mr Johnston is in control



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Doctor Mengele


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The Japanese 'scientists' who conducted biowarfare experiments against Chinese civilians got immunity from war crime prosecution in exchange for their research material. I would imagine Mengele had a similar deal. There's a Nat Geo documentary about a town in Brazil which has a high ethnic German population and where twins make up more than 10% of the population. It's claimed Mengele had an agri-chem business and visited the town regularly to inject cattle with 'twin-producing' hormones. The farms in the area have a statistically high rate of twin calves too. And the moral of this story is; if the earth was flat a twin cow couldn't jump over the moon.