The Future of Slippy G

michael duffy

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Having seen some sevco fans already getting on the back of their manager and even calling him a Fenian, does anyone think that another going over on derby day will sound the death knell for Stevie Gerrard?
Wonder if he'll be offered the Madrid job? Or is that too soon.
has to be barcelana for stevie gerrardiola!!!!
the £375,000 they got from Celtic should cover some more legal fees!!!
You would like to think so but General Ashley
is just gonna line up ...Sevco for a duck thick are these "custodians" of the tribute act. tell the dopeys want they want to hear...and everything will be fine. Does nobody ask any serious Questions at that thing. (Board)..long may it continue HH

Spherical Planet

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Mentioned when SG took the manager position that I thought he was naive as how toxic the club is.
instead of boosting his career he may be his downfall.
His "universal appeal" will end up with him having to make a claim for universal credit.

Might see him down the dole queue with Yosser Hughes shouting "gizajob......I can do dat" to passing non-league chairmen.


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He needs to come up with a better after match response .

Instead of throwing the players ( most of whom he signed ) under the team coach ( the bus , not Gary McAllister ! ) , he should do what all experienced Sevco managers do - blame the former coach !

The Gullibles will always fall for that - they have been conditioned over their long existence ( about 6 years , now ) to accept any sh*te told to them by any man speaking in a funny accent : Charles Green , Warburton , Pedro and GASL .
Failing that he could play his 'Get out of Jail Free Card ' - blame the SFA !

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