Post - Lockdown , Whats the plan?


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You would think mate but it seems the English electorate have lost their minds so all bets are off and I wouldn't be surprised if the Tories got in again. Even if Starmer did get in later down the line by that point Boris and friends will have transferred our rights, freedoms, privacy and most of what power the government had left into the hands of US/UK corporate right wingers.

Also got to be said that 'Sir' Starmer is a multi-millionaire Neo-Liberal Blairite. Aye the lesser of 2 evils where Bojo and his band of sociopaths are concerned but he's far from being a 'Labour man of the people' type unfortunately.
Yes agree, the fact that labour have ‘titled’ people in their midst makes you think ,remember way back in the sixties when I started to vote ,it was labour/Tory mostly! Snp was only beginning to ‘flower’,in Scotland most voted for labour,as most were working class people ,miners / steel workers /factories etc ,and the labour people knew where they came from ,the working areas!!times have cer changed,and you are prob right ,the English could well vote them back in ,funny world ,hh


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Things post - lockdown will probably have a very different feel about them whatever were told is gloom and doom , with some horror doom and gloom thrown in for those who watch the news (never understood people's fascination with bad news) especially when you know beforehand its going to be not good. I'm looking forward to hopefully booking a log cabin on Lomond , went to Ardlui once , so anyone whose been up there know its indescribablely beautiful and rugged (only partly indescribable apparently)it is. Any way has anyone got big plans club celebrations goes without saying. I miss the beach and the sea more than I couldve dreamed. I'll be heading that direction asap
Gettin stuck into the bleach and the anti-malaria meds.


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Our CMO resigned, so he can fuck off too. End of, nuff said.
Night all. 🖖
This jackass has been nipping about London doing what the fuck he wants, time for the whole tory party who defended him to go also and take that wee BBC media deflector boot with them.

Real Jason J Hunter


I wonder what the excuse will be for the other visit(s) to Durham? Cant be the same excuse.