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Not for me
Not against the guy who seems to have a bit about him
We need someone that knows the landscape and actually knows targets to purchase.
celtics recruitment has been awful for seasons now and getting a manager in from other side of world means the club providing him with players


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As he's been recommended by Fergal Harkin he can gtf as well. Its all a bit cozy as the Japanese team he comes from is owned by the City group.
The idea of Celtic being used as some kind of experimental team for City group doesnt sit well with me. These alliances can work well in terms of players but they can gtf if they now think we're a City play thing.

The Deadner

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Would take great pleasure out of being wrong, only opinions on what the future may bring without knowing.
How many of us could have predicted the shitshow that did unfold last season?
None of us could have predicted the scale of the collapse, but I said from day one that I didn't want Lennon. I knew from his previous time in charge then Bolton and hibs that he wasn't the man for the job. Him and them other two tubes looked like the three stoogies on the sideline.
So again I think if this lad is allowed his own backroom team then give him a shot. If moe and curly are pushed onto him then it's a no from me.

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