transfer window

Apparently we made a deadline day bid to loan Sergio Gómez Martín (wingback/attacking midfielder) from Manchester City. The 21 year old Spaniar was signed from Anderlecht for £11m back in August 2022. Gomez was keen on coming to us but, after a conversation with Pep, opted to stay at the Etihad.

We also asked about signing Luke Thomas (22 year old English left back/wingback) from Leicester City (on loan to Middlesbrough) and Hugo Bueno (21 year old Spanish left back/wingback) of Wolves.

Again, all attempts in the last day or so leaving us no options as the clock ticked down.

We either never learn from past mistakes (apart from the 2 successful windows when he who shall not be named was not the puppetmaster).

Or we never prepared properly beforehand to check if these were viable options.

Or else these are half-hearted/panic enquiries that were then leaked to the media in a failed attempt to appease the frustrated fans.

Either way, why wait until the last day or so to start making contact?
I've also learned to give an opinion , then check what I said next day and totally distance myself from some so no chance of getting emotionally attached.
I like to have a wee chuckle at my uti posts next morning, spell checking ,context missing, and I've also learned to move on quickly from whatever " bizzare " post ive made when alcohol was taken so I've made the decision to be of the " so fuk" mindset.
Fuck you started early the other day then :)

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