Trophy Day! Celtic v Hearts, Sunday 19 May, kick off 3pm - all comments here


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How come we can't call the rhat bastard by his name? If we can't call him by his name how do we know we are talking about the rhat bastard? And not any other rhat bastard, who's name we can't mention????

When I mention he who’s name cannot be spoken I am certain of which rhat bastard I’m talking about 👍


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When I mention he who’s name cannot be spoken I am certain of which rhat bastard I’m talking about 👍
I would hope so, but on my end I don't know if it's the same rhat bastard I know or a different rhat bastard. I'll try and see if I can work it out. I know it's got too be either an ex-player rhat bastard or somebody who's in England rhat bastard
We get our hands on the Trophy for the 8th year in a row in this dress rehearsal for next Saturday at Hampden. Yet we are low in confidence, short in terms of players available and some that ought to be dropped after THAT performance on Sunday at Ibrox. See Sandman's rating to find out who I'm referring to. Neil Lennon is getting stick - some out it way out of order and he deserves so much more from our support -and he may not be getting the job after all. But he are relying on him to get the team up for these two games. The fault incidentally lies with Lawwell and Rodgers and NOT Neil Lennon - had a bit of a rant on this on The Celtic Star if you want to read more on that...

Anyway Hearts are dross, they will won't play their strongest team and we should get a win to set us up for Hampden. You got a ticket?
Who picked the Team and tactics last Sunday? Lawwell or Rodgers? Or neither?
Why are these players (Rogic was one I think you meant) NOT performing for NL?
Who made the decision to play Lustig who was clearly carrying an injury?
Who decided to play a youngster MJ, overawed and out of position?
Neil Lennon.
Verdict is that right that Lawwell signed shved? Jeez what was br mullah for?
That’s the story and the reason, couldn’t see a defender if he sat on his lap, Rogers spat the dummy.

We may well have had a million wingers. Burke, Weah, Sincy, Johnson, Hayes are nowhere near good enough if we want to move up. He cost us having this young guy to give players who can’t cut it a free run.

His judgement and signing record was fucking abysmal. And anybody who would disagree with that hasn’t a fucking clue. There’s a cupboard at Lennixtown filled with his projects and utter duds like Hendry and Comperr.

I for one didn’t give two fucks when he left. I don’t do the messiah syndrome apart from Henrik.


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Rest the bulk of the team likely to start the Cup Final but give a few possibles some game time with a couple of youngsters. Since Bayo is back in training then give him a 45-60 mins if he’s fit enough. If not stick Burke up front.

Ralston Ajer Benkovic Izaguirre
Henderson Bitton Ntcham
Johnston Bayo Sinclair

DDV, Toljan, Simunovic, Rogic, Burke, Dembele, Okoflex


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The Maestro 👏👏👏
Always found it sad the way he left the club without a proper farewell. Obviously he had a testimonial, but after he had to quit playing due to injury he kind of just slipped out of the limelight quietly, I know thats what he would have wanted, but for a man that gave us so much he deserved a proper Celtic send off.
Lost count the amount of outstanding matches he played & on a lot of occasions he carried our team on his shoulders alone.
Thanks Maestro. Celtic legend 🍀


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Morning how did yer nite out go

It was really good big cheese, met friends had a bite to eat, they had a drink i had ginger beer yass. Played pool and was home at half 9.

Livin la vida loca

But am lovin it Ian.

Just what i need pal.

Wit a laugh it was too.

Tomorrow hopefully good football and looking forward to the possibility of seeing Ewan Henderson on pitch for us again. The bhoys a real talent.

Also young Dembele. Cannae wait to see him and how he adapts to the first team.

Plans for next weekend in place too what with personal plans and oor treble pal.

Yeah all good.

How are you my friend?