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    To Celtic fans and Lurkers

    Terrible night,missed chances and crap defending,it's happened.What is important is the response,no need to let one result derail a potentially record breaking season.
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    Kilmarnock v Celtic Wednesday 22 January, kick-off 7.45pm - all comments here

    Dont know whats going on with shved,arzani in squad,wouldnt have thought a plastic pitch would be the game where you might use him after a year out with a cruciate,nl said shved looked great in dubai but nowhere near the team again.
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    January Rumours - Merged

    Have to think it best we get what fee we can for kouassi,also gets him off the wage bill.
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    Hearts v Celtic - Wednesday 18 December kick-off 7.45pm

    Don't agree with Hayes in front of taylor
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    Cluj v Celtic - Europa League Thursday 12 December, kick-off 17.55

    Pretty disappointed Shveds not involved,would have hoped to see him getting some time by now.
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    Celtic v Lazio - Europa League, Thursday 24 October 8pm, all comments here

    Time for fresh legs,running out of ideas,not really threatening across the front line
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    Hat Trick for Edouard

    Probably a wise move for celtic to be scouting forwards now,if not already started because i reckon theres going to be big offers coming in for this young man come the summer,you never know we might even get more than the 30 million morelos is worth lol.
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    What are your memories of the Four Amigos?

    ALL four tremendous players,cadette was a lethal striker,di canio had you in and out your seat with some of the magic,probably fair to say that andy was the only one who didnt use the club though.
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    credit where its due

    New signings were fantastic today,julien superb,boli had his best game by a mile,hatem superb,foster assured,bauer looked sound when he came on,they have had criticsm and now they defo deserve the praise,injurys short of players,cannot be more proud of every single one of them.Lenny you got it...
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    the Rangers v Celtic - Beautiful Sunday, 1 September - all comments here

    Team announced,foster hatem julian bitton and boli in defence,these boys are going to have to step up today,midfield needs to win the battle to keep the pressure off some of the time
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    Your worst Celtic moments!

    When they beat us at home to win clinch the league,whole day was poison,theyre on the pitch celebrating,absolute murder,our bus back to edinburgh attacked by that mob 3 times,thats them celebrating..middens.
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    the Rangers v Celtic - Beautiful Sunday, 1 September - all comments here

    Really hope your right w c but that defence has me in a sweat,not enough time together,a cm in the middle of defence,were great going forward but its what happens when we dont have the ball that worrys me.
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    Celtic sign right back Moritz Bauer MERGED

    Happy with this guy,got decent pedigree and a good age,it didn't work out at Stoke but it happens.Between him and hatem were covered and got competition.Welcome Moritz hail hail
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    Transfer Round-up (merged)

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    Right Back needed??...maybe not

    For me no,think the big guy better in central defence,could certainly do a job as defensive mid too.